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Социальные проблемы США и их решения (решения по каждой проблеме)

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19 июня 2013
26 июня 2013
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Не получается сделать. Надо срочно сделать дипломную работу по страноведению. Есть буквально 7 дней. Тема работы «Социальные проблемы США и их решения (решения по каждой проблеме)».
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Социальные проблемы США и их решения (решения по каждой проблеме)
Chapter 1. Estimation of the current social problems
1.2.Language barrier as a problem of social integration in the multinational community
1.3.Property status
1.5.Race discrimination
1.6.Gender discrimination
1.8.Drug, alcohol and tobacco addiction
Chapter 2. Social policy efficiency


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Alan Greenspan's anxiety is linked with the fear that most common and poor people, if they realize that the rich have acquired much more than their fair share, will insist on making perceptible changes in taxation, market, business regulation policies, threatening the foundation of economic orthodoxy.
In a democratic society, to Greenspan’ s mind, “a stark bifurcation of wealth and income trends among large segments of the population can fuel resentment and political polarization”, “lead to political clashes and misguided economic policies that work to the detriment of the economy and society as a whole”11.
Although education and increased demand for skilled workforce is frequently cited as a cause of increased inequality, many economists and political scientists point to public policy a Показать все
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