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Interviewing journalists

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29 января 2014
5 февраля 2014
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Проблема по языкам (переводам). Срочно закажу дипломную работу по языкам (переводам). Есть буквально 7 дней. Тема работы «Interviewing journalists».
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Перевод текста в английского на русский. За английский текст взяты фрагменты из книги Селли Адамс и Винфорда Хикса Interviewing for Journalists. У работы три файла: оригинальный текст, перевод и презентация.
Interviewing is the central activity in modern journalism. It is the main
means by which reporters and feature writers gather their material.
As journalism developed, interviewing became increasingly important...
2 Interviewing as a part of profession
2.1 Journalism is a creative job.
3. Preparing for Interviews
3.1 Face-to-face and telephone
3.2 Planning the interview
3.3 Persist
3.4 A time and a place
3.5 What to take with you
3.6 What to ask
3.7 When to arrive
4. The interview starts
4.1 Shaking hands
4.2 Eye contact
4.3 What to call them
4.4 Where to sit
4.5 When to begin
5. Some kinds of interviewee
5.1 Interviewing politicians
5.2 Interviewing PRs
5.3 Interviewing celebrities
5.4 Interviewing Children
5.5 Death knocks
Sally Adams, Wynford Hicks
‘Just wanted to be able to get rid of you if necessary,’ the presenter said. Many people are more benevolent, chatty and relaxed after lunch so, if the interviewee or the subject is likely to be tricky, try for the afternoon. Your place or mine? No contest: theirs. They’ll feel more at home and you can see the house, desk, factory, workshop, studio – and how they relate to the people around them. Finally, when scheduling appointments, be sure to make contingency plans: exchange mobile phone numbers, so you can reach one another if either of you has to cancel. What to take with you Before you leave for the interview, check you’ve got what you need. Put everything in a neat file, briefcase or bag. Whatever you do, don’t arrive with shopping or your belongings in a load of carrier bags – you Показать все
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