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Лингвостилистические особенности англоязычного электронного учебного текста

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19 июня 2013
26 июня 2013
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Проблема по языкам (переводам). Срочно закажу дипломную работу по языкам (переводам). Есть буквально 7 дней. Тема работы «Лингвостилистические особенности англоязычного электронного учебного текста».
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Лингвостилистические особенности англоязычного электронного учебного текста

Chapter 1. Distinctive features of academic hypertexts as a discourse form
1.1. Discourse concept definition
1.2. Stylistic peculiarities of English academic hypertexts
1.3. Academic hypertexts and cognitive models of argumentation
1.4. Terms as an essential component of English academic hypertexts
Chapter 2. Objectivity and expressivity of English academic hypertexts
2.1. Lexical devices used
2.1.1. Use of similes
2.1.2. Use of metaphors
2.1.3. Use of epithets
2.1.4. Use of idioms
2.1.5. Use of cliches
2.1.6. Use of terms
2.2. Syntactic features of English academic hypertexts
2.2.1. Validity of cause-and-effect relation
2.2.2. Use of logical links
2.2.3. Use of parenthetical words and clauses
2.2.4. Use of direct and indirect speech
Conclusi Показать все

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8.Givon T. On understandi Показать все
A more difficult problem is whether the mode of speech and the accompanying formal arrangements of the text include some given modes of interpretation for the public. For instance, the editorial, the news report and the feature may contain an unknown number of topics as forms, but they signify only three different styles of writing carrying an implicit mes­sage of how to interpret the author's intent. How closely styles of writing and presentation correlate with modes of interpretation is a problem I want to consider as well in this paper. Academic hypertexts are embedded in more comprehensive scientific, so­cial and humanitarian problems. Changes in form requires concurrent changes in rules of inter­action, both for the authors and for their sources of information. But the kinds of inform Показать все
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