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The Future of the State.

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29 ноября 2013
30 ноября 2013
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Помоги! Срочно выполнить эссе по языкам (переводам). Есть буквально 1 день. Тема работы «The Future of the State.».
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Эссе на английском языке об изменении института государства под влиянием процесса глобализации
Globalization impacts heavily on the State — its policies, institutions and functionaries. Within the context of globalization, domestic politics raise difficult questions such as what are nation states for? and what do they do in a world where Governments face considerable constraints on their freedom of action?
The State remains central to the well-being of its citizens and to the proper management of social and economic development. The State is also responsible for adopting policies which are conducive to greater economic integration. We should not forget that further global integration can be reversed by state policies inimical to openness, as occurred between the two World Wars. Globalization does not reduce the role of the nation-State, but redefines it given the pressures and responses it must give at the local, national and international levels. It has modified the meaning of sovereignty but not undermined it.
The lifting of trade barriers, liberalization of world capital markets, and swift technological progress especially in the fields of information technology, transportation and telecommunications, have vastly increased and accelerated the movement of people, information, commodities and capital. Correspondingly, they have also broadened the range of issues which spill over the borders of nation-States requiring international normsetting and regulation and, therefore, consultation and formal negotiations on a global or regional scale. Many of the problems afflicting the world today - such as poverty, environmental pollution, economic crises, organized crime and terrorism - are in effect transnational in nature, and cannot be dealt with only at the national level, nor by State to State negoti Показать все
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