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Английский ИДЗ 2 за 2 - ой курс

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20 марта 2014
21 марта 2014
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Надо быстро сделать контрольную работу по языкам (переводам). Есть буквально 1 день. Тема работы «Английский ИДЗ 2 за 2 - ой курс».
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индивидуально домашние задание по английскому языку, Политех факультет вычислительной техники 2 - ой курс. Оценка средний бал.

Text 1
Read the information about the houses of famous people. Decide what
type of dwelling they have got. For questions 1–6, write a letter A–F next
to each person.


1 Cher A A two-storey building with a tiled roof.
2 Mick Jagger B A huge old stone house with big towers.
3 Elvis Presley C A classical four-storey building.
4 Tina Turner D The house bears the name of his mother.
5 George Michael E An unordinary building with a garage up
6 Gloria Estefan at the top.

1 Cher’s house is big and white. It’s in a beautiful valley in California and
there are lots of palm trees everywhere. There’s a large verandah on one side
of the house. This house has a flat roof.
C start another business

Choose the correct item.
1 Computers are ______ doubt a very useful invention.
A for B without C from
But hisbrother, a bank manager, gave him lots of good ideas.Robin lived in Oxford and had a job in London. He thought both placeswould be difficult to open a restaurant in, so he chose Manchester because heknew the city from his years at university. He found an empty building in abeautiful old street. It was old and needed a lot of repairs, but all the otherbuildings were expensive and he didn't have much money.Robin loves his new work. It's difficult being the boss, but he has foundan excellent chef. He says he enjoys talking to customers and some of themhave become his good friends. He gets up at 6 a.m. and often goes to bedafter midnight. It's a long day but he only starts to feel really tired when hetakes time off at the weekends.Robin's restaurant is doing so well that he could take Показать все
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