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ИДЗ 4 по английскому за второй курс

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20 марта 2014
21 марта 2014
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Помоги! Срочно выполнить контрольную работу по языкам (переводам). Есть буквально 1 день. Тема работы «ИДЗ 4 по английскому за второй курс».
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Работа по английскому за второй курс ИДЗ4 выполнена на средний бал.

Choose the correct item.
1 The bill was much _____ exepensive for me to pay on my own.
A very B too C high

2 About 100 people _____ outside, when we got there.
A were queuing B queue C have queued
3 The witness claimed he _____ the accused before.
A did not see B hasn’t seen C hadn’t seen
Ответы к заданиям (KEYS)

TEXT 1 TEXT 2 1 a


Text 1

Read the text and answer the following questions.
1. What houses is it necessary to build nowadays?
a) blocks ol flats
b) houses with gardens
c) bungalows
d) multi-storey houses
2. What advantages does a house with a garden have?
a) There is more space
b) Children can play safety
c) lt is in the centre of the city’s life
d) There are fewer people around
3. What does not help to avoid monotony?
a) to set the houses at various distances from, and angles to, roads
b) to build the houses in different groupings
c) to give the houses different names
d) to change landscaping in housing areas
Интернет ресурсы и словарь.
In housing areas, landscaping with trees is considered to be particularlyimportant, and many acres of woods have been planted on poor farmland andbog.Densities in the new towns vary – the average being about 15 people toan acre. The consultant planner for Welwyn Garden City, for example,believed it important to maintain existing trees and shrubs and to blend thenew buildings in with them. In this way the town was developed at lowdensity. Cumbernauld and Skelmersdale, however, are examples of townsplanned at a higher density as compact urban units with the emphasis on thecentrc as the hub of the new town.Text 2Read the following signs and choose the correct explanation.1Warning – security cameras inuse around this building2 We have many flats available torent in this area3 Public footpath p Показать все
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