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ИДЗ 1 за первый курс 3 вариант. Политех.

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20 марта 2014
21 марта 2014
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Проблема по языкам (переводам). Срочно закажу контрольную работу по языкам (переводам). Есть буквально 1 день. Тема работы «ИДЗ 1 за первый курс 3 вариант. Политех.».
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Индивидуальное домашние задание за 1 - ый курс Политех.
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Text 1
The teachers below are looking for a holiday to suit their students. There
are descriptions of eight holidays below. Decide which holiday (A–H)
would be the most suitable for each teacher (1–5). For each of those
numbers mark the correct letter.

1 Ms Robson's students are studying French and German. She would like
to find a holiday which gives them the chance to speak both languages
at some point while they're away.

A Summer Schools in the Czech Republic
Spend a week in a sports centre 15 minutes south of Prague. Each day's
programme is organized by our professional trainers for children aged 10–14.
Prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as sightseeing trips.
Использовался словарь и немного машинного перевода.
Lessonsare available if you need them. There is also a chance to learn Finnish at noextra cost! Everyone welcome.F Holiday Programmes in GermanyWe offer morning classes in the German language at all levels frombeginners upwards. In the afternoon you are free to join our mountain walksor to go shopping in the nearby town. In the evening we organize a fullprogramme of entertainments. All ages welcome.G Summer Schools in FranceWe offer summer schools for students between the ages of 12 and 16. Livewith a French family and choose from a range of different activities includinghorse-riding, indoor hockey, football, swimming and dry skiing. Privatelanguage lessons arranged if requested.H Swiss Study ToursUsing the excellent Swiss railway system we offer an unusual holiday, sportand study progr Показать все
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