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"Protection of band names"

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20 июня 2013
23 июня 2013
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Надо быстро сделать курсовую работу по языкам (переводам). Есть буквально 3 дня. Тема работы «"Protection of band names" ».
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"Protection of band names"
Part 1. Concept of band names
Part 2. The courts and judges in USA
Part 3. Band Protection in China


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In the days when a band names would have to wait until one particular judge had time to hear it, there could be a significant delay between the issue of proceedings and trial. As a result, many (perhaps most) band names were dealt with conclusively at an interlocutory hearing, maybe even ex parte. A plaintiff would be unhappy at the prospect of waiting months for the trial to start and would often want to seek an interlocutory injunction right at the outset to stop the defendant doing whatever wrong he was accused of. An injunction would be granted if the plaintiff had a strong arguable case, if the balance of convenience favoured it (the plaintiff would suffer irreparable harm if the defendant were allowed to continue: the defendant could be compensated if the injunction were wrongly gran Показать все
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