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Contradiction Between Market Economy and Political Structures in China.

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18 сентября 2014
19 сентября 2014
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Надо быстро сделать реферат по микро-, макроэкономике. Есть буквально 1 день. Тема работы «Contradiction Between Market Economy and Political Structures in China. ».
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Этот заказ уже выполнен на сервисе Автор24
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Socialism with Chinese characteristics tends to develop into capitalism. As the Chinese market economy develops, economic interests have been increasingly diversified, and thus the ideological discourses are also changing. There will be further theoretical and policy-related debates over whether or not China should adhere to socialism. Rightist elites will undoubtedly wage new wars against SOEs and propose furthering privatization.
For the Chinese Communist Party, an enduring social compact with its people is still a long way off. When it comes to economic management, though, the assumption is that China’s authoritarian leaders are streets ahead, since they have to deliver prosperity to remain in power.
The problem is not the growth level itself, since the world’s second-lar Показать все

China, the fourth largest country in area after Russia, Canada and USA has experienced manifold changes in its economic system which has seen it become the second largest economy in the world after USA if measured on the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) scale. But still considered as an emerging economy as per capita incomes fall in the lower-middle level, China is making its presence felt in the global stage by taking big strides in opening up its economy to international trade.
China has been achieving an impressive rate of development of its economy and increase in its regional/global economic and political influence. There has been speculation about its future potential to act as a major driver of the global economy, and whether its methods will provide the model that othe Показать все

Introduction 3
1. Economic and political structure of China 4
2. China market economy 13
3. Radical political economics in China 16
Conclusion 29
Literature 30


1. Against the law: Labor protests in China’s rustbelt and sunbelt. University of California Press. Li, Minqi. 2011.
2. An, T. and H. Wang (2012), “Research of China Housing Market Development and Real Estate Tax System Reform”, Jingji Yanjiu Cankao (Review of Economic Research), Vol. 26, № 43.
3. Arnold, J., B. Brys, C. Heady, Å. Johansson, C. Schwellnus and L. Vartia (2011), “Tax Policy for Economic Recovery and Growth”, Economic Journal, Vol. 121, Issue 550.
4. Bernard O’Connor. Market-economy status for China is not automatic, 27 November 2012: http://www.voxeu.org/article/china-market-economy.
5. Chang, Ha-Joon. 2011. State-owned enterprise reform. UNDESA National Development Strategies Policy notes: http://esa.un.org/techcoop/documents/PN_SOEReformNote.pdf.
6. China`s de Показать все
Nevertheless, despite the dominance of Industries in the composition of China’s GDP, Services is catching up quickly – and may overtake Industries by the end of the year. In 2012, Services accounted for 44.6 percent of China’s GDP, just 0.7 percentage points behind Industries. Comparatively just three years ago, that gap was 8.1 percentage points wide5.
China's services output in 2010 ranks third worldwide (after US and Japan), and high power and telecom density has ensured that it has remained on a high-growth trajectory in the long-term6. The surge in services also reflects the ongoing rebalancing of Chinese demand away from exports and towards consumption. Because services tend to be labour-intensive, their expansion may also encourage faster job creation, higher wages and greater ho Показать все
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