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Modern British Universities and their difference from Oxbridge.

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18 сентября 2014
19 сентября 2014
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Помоги! Срочно выполнить реферат по языкам (переводам). Есть буквально 1 день. Тема работы «Modern British Universities and their difference from Oxbridge. ».
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The development of university governance types in Britain over the last nine hundred years hasnot been a linear process. New types of governance structures co-exist with earlier species. One cannot help but compare the youngest governance structure,dominated by external interests overseeing the operations of the university, and the earliest,dominated by internal, academic interests. Some authors have signaled that the late twentiethcentury marked a breakdown in the academic-led collegial governance tradition of Paris, Oxfordand Cambridge. Recent governance debates at Oxford and Cambridge have considered the inclusion of more laymembers at the highest levels of their institutional governance. This begs the question: does this signal the beginning of the end of a university govern Показать все
The educational system is the most demanded product in the market. At the expense of educational system any state and society receives the qualified employees who are capable to influence development of policy, economy and country society. In this regard to arise a question of quality of educational services offered in the market and their level. It should be noted that universities with long history, as a rule, have huge advantage in comparison with new universities. It is connected with creation of a known brand, and also prestigiousness of training at ancient university.
Objective of this research - to carry out the comparative analysis of modern British universities and Oxbridge.
For achievement of a goal it is necessary to solve the following problems:
- to open evolut Показать все
Introduction…………………………………………………………………… 2
Part 1. Evolution of university governance types 3
Part 2. Rating of British universities in 2014. 9
Part 3. Comparative analysis of top ten universities of Great Britain 12
Conclusion 25


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5. Evans, G.R. (2009) And now what about ref Показать все
That matters because those left behind are less likely to join the ranks of Britain’s elites. Over 30% of leading professionals in the U.K., including almost 80% of the judiciary, 47% of highflyers in financial services and 41% of top journalists attended Oxbridge, according to recent studies by the Sutton Trust, a U.K. educational charity. Every university-educated Prime Minister since 1937 has walked one of the two universities’ halls save Gordon Brown . (Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy, Nick Clegg, both attended top private schools and then Oxbridge, as did approximately two-thirds of their Cabinet.) This isn’t just bad news for the clever, underprivileged students who don’t attend Oxbridge — it’s bad news for Britain, which draws its elites from an artificially narrow pool Показать все
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