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London dialekt.

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20 июня 2013
21 июня 2013
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Надо быстро сделать реферат по языкам (переводам). Есть буквально 1 день. Тема работы «London dialekt.».
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London dialekt.
Part 1. London dialect in the development of the English language
Part 2. London dialect contribution in standardization of English
Part 3. Contemporary London dialect – Cockney.

1.Barber, Charles L., 1993. The English Language: a historical introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
2.Bourcier, Georges 1981. An introduction to the history of the English language. Trans. and adapted by C. Clark. Cheltenham: Thornes.
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7.Fisher, John H. 1977. ‘Chancery and the emergence of Standard English’, Speculum, 52: 870-99.
8.Fisher, John H. 1996. The Emergence of Standard English. Lexington: University o Показать все
According to Fisher (1977: 885) one can recognize different sources for this late Middle English standard. Firstly, the literary standard which was used by Wycliffe, the first translator of the Bible into English, and his followers (the so-called Lollards). Secondly, the literary language used by London authors like Chaucer and Gower. Thirdly, the influence of certain writers of the Chancery, e.g. those who used northern varieties, from which the pronominal forms with initial th- were adopted and which are not to be found with Chaucer for instance.
The spelling and morphology of Chancery English was conservative. For example one finds orthographic renderings of velar/palatal fricatives (gh as in slaughter; right, high) which may well have already disappeared from the spoken language of th Показать все
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